The Annual Weather Condition of Serengeti National Park : The beauty of the endless plains of the wilderness stretching out to the horizon in all directions cannot be described in words instead having a self-experience and exploration will make more sense than having a narration. The magic of the landscape, the great migration, the most spectular sunset and sunrise as well as the warm welcoming smiles of the Maasai tribe found in this national park will attract you even more and make you feel at home.  The spectacular views of some big predators, amazing hot air balloons rides can make remain speechless as the most eye catching view unfolds in your gaze.

The famous landscape of Serengeti is the southern plain which stretches from the southern part of Seronera all the way into the Ngorongoro conservation area this part is highly famous to the tourists as it is the hot spot for the hot air balloons rides. The southern-east part of Seronera is high center for animal viewing  during December to April, also is the spot where most of the predators are found the lions, cheetah is almost guarantee to see them in this area.

The largest ecosystem in African is formed by the Serengeti national park, Ngorongoro conservation area as well as the Masai Mara national reserve of Kenya, the Mara-Serengeti ecosystem is the oldest ecosystem in the entire world as it has taken decades without greater changes with its climatic conditions, vegetation, wildlife as well as culture. This ecosystem covers the total area of about 30,000 square kilometers. The African wildlife sanctuary with a very specific beauty attached with the great concentration of the plains games which gives it a very unique beauty that cannot be found elsewhere in the world.

The Serengeti has about 35 different plain animals species thus makes it a perfect animals viewing destinations, well it’s also the home of the Africans big five, that’s the lion, cheetah, leopard, rhinos as well as the buffalos.  The predators are well conserved in this national park hence it’s the perfect place to spot the predators as they hunt the preys. Here is the home of lions, leopards and cheetah as they are found in large number.

Apart from being perfect as the destination for animals viewing, Serengeti national park is also the best place for bird watching activities as there are more than 500 different bird species listed. There are both the native birds as well as the migratory birds which comes to this park seasonally. The perfect timing for the bird watching is normally during the wet season.

The Annual Weather Condition of Serengeti National Park
Serengeti Wildebeest Migration

The world’s great migration of Serengeti national park.

 When you are planning to visit Serengeti national park then the best timing would be during this times when the most thrilling event in the animal kingdom takes place. The annual mass movement of wildebeest and other herbivores between Serengeti and Maasai Mara game reserve of Kenya. The great migration is among the Seven Wonders of the World. The animal’s move over 800 kilometers as they search for pastures as well as  following the rain, they are so many hence they cannot depend on pasture from a single place hence their movement is necessary. During the great movement there are about 2 million wildebeest that leads the way, followed by 400,000 zebras, 1800 eland and 200,000 Thompson’s gazelles. The timing of this movement is rarely the same annually in terms of timing as well as directions. The timing of this migrations depends on the rain seasons patterns.

The annual weather condition of Serengeti national park.

  • The summer season (dry season) in the month of June, July, August, September and October.

The weather throughout summer is about 25 degrees Celsius, with a very bright and clear sky during the day and a cold nights as the temperature drops as the cold fronts blow through. During these season it’s the perfect season for the animals viewing because the vegetation cover is low with shorter grasses hence animals can be easily viewed as they wonder all over the place looking for pastures.

It’s advised to carry both the light clothes and heavy once as during the day you might need the light clothes and during the night as it might be cold Warmer clothes are highly advised which do not expose your skin to avoid mosquito bites and reducing the chances of getting sick with Malaria.

This dry season is normally perfect for different activities such as game drives, which gives you the assurance of the clear view of animals with perfect photos.  The roads are also clear and routes can be well traced not like during the wet seasons. Nature guide walks can also be accommodated as well, animals tracing can be done easily as the foot prints can be easily spotted in the dusts, The Annual Weather Condition of Serengeti National Park. The great wildebeest migration also normally happens in between these months.

  • A brief wet season in December and November.

This is normally a light rain season as it will not rain every day and it will not be heavy rains, the rain season in this time is normally unpredictable as it can interfere with your safari.

  • The wet season of Serengeti national park, February, March, April and May.

 This is normally heavy rainfall seasons as it can rain everyday nonstop sometimes both day and night with a cloudy weather, it’s normally the green season as the entire park grows green with a perfect view that can impress your eyes. Normally this is low tourism season as most of the tourists visit during the dry season hence these times of the year it’s normally less crowed with few vehicles in the park.

It’s also the perfect time for the bird lovers as this is the perfect time because most of the birds are found in this park well the migratory birds are available too. This season is also great for the breeding season for the birds and further more is also the time where the wildebeest give birth to their young calves. It’s the perfect time to watch the little calves grow as for the wildebeest about 8000 calves are being born during this wet season.

The Annual Weather Condition of Serengeti National Park
Serengeti Safaris

The timing of the weather conditions favorable for the great migration.

 This is for the tourists who specifically wants to watch the herds of animals as they move away or towards the Serengeti national park. It’s not all the seasons that animals move there are predictable times of the year that they do move.

 June – August

The best time for the great migrations is between this these month , this is normally the beginning of the dry season in Serengeti national park hence the animals starts to move towards the north west parts of the national park. In august is the perfect time to see the movements towards the Mara River as the herds of animal’s plunges into the crocodiles as they cross towards the Maasai Mara game reserve in Kenya.

 November and December

 This is normally the short rain season hence it’s a good time to enjoy seeing the great movement. This time the herds of animals are starting to move towards the northern part of Serengeti national park and in December they move further towards the southern part of the Serengeti.

April, May and early June

 This is the begging of the great migration as it begins in southern part of Serengeti right after wildebeest give birth to the young calves. At first this movement is normally slow because the calves are still young hence the migrations towards the western part of Serengeti is normally slower. In May the movements speed up because calves have grown up hence they can move with the higher speed too. At this times of the year the rain season is normally at its peak. as they get ready to move out Serengeti when the rain season is over.

The cycle of the movement of animals is always that way and normally repeats itself annually.

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