Exploring the Kigosi Game reserve : The Kigosi game reserve is kigoma region in Tanzania; it’s the Tanzania’s private and protected game reserve which is about 8,265 square kilometers of the Miombo woodlands with the open plains and fascinating rocky outcrops. This game reserve is one of the untouched areas and not popular to like most of the national parks and games reserves, as it was formed in 2019. The northern part of this game reserve is highly inhabited with the dry woodlands while the southern part is covered with the fresh springs, waterholes and the Moyowosi River which are responsible for the exquisite riverside valleys. The southern part of this game drive is the perfect place for water lover birds hence makes this destination as the perfect place for the bird lovers.  This game reserve has the unique and excellent ecosystem which has the floodplains and the wet land which is very important for the wildlife that is found here during the dry season as there are green pastures through the year.

Exploring the Kigosi Game reserve

How to get to Kigosi Game reserve

The Kigosi game reserve can be accessed through the road trip or by the means of air from the Dare Es Salaam to Mwanza or directly to Kigoma region.

Wildlife at Kigosi game reserve

Kigosi is the home of the large population of the lion that have learn to hurt through drowning the animals into the water and when they are dead they take them to the dry lands ready for their food. Most of the animals in this game reserve are found in the Miombo woodlands. Other animals that inhabit this game reserve are buffalos, sables, leopards, roan, Kudu and topi. The coy water loving antelopes can be spotted on the southern part of this game reserve; this wet part of this game reserve is also the home of the waterbucks, hippos as well as the crocodiles.

Exploring the Kigosi Game reserve
Kigosi Game reserve

Birds at Kigosi game reserve

There is a number of bird’s species that are found in this game reserve especially the rare-water loving birds such as the shoebills stork, pelicans, kingfishers, great spine and the watt led crane. This game reserve is also the most loved place for the breeding of the birds as it is the wet throughout the year hence the birds can breed, Exploring the Kigosi Game reserve

 Activities to do while in Kigosi game reserve

The main activity to do while in Kigosi game reserve is the game drive at the woodland and the plains where you can get closer to the wildlife with the vehicle. The northern part of this game reserve animals such as lions, leopards, buffalos, baboons and many more can be spotted in a distance. The beautiful voices of the birds can be heard in a distance too as they will be entertaining you throughout the game drive. The sight of the Sitatunga the water loving antelopes will not be missed on the southern part of this game reserve. The other animals to be spotted on this southern part involve the crocodiles, hippos and the waterbucks.

 Nature walks

The nature walks is the perfect experience and the most explorative one as you will have the time to walk in groups and explore this beautiful land on feet. It is normally accompanied by the armed rangers for the protection.  Have the best moment to watch the animals form the distance as well as the birds.

Bird watching

Bird watching activities takes place in this area too, its normally I n the southern part of this game reserve where most of the birds are located. It’s the paradise for the birds for the bird lovers as you will watch the colorful birds play around from one tree to the other.

Kigosi during rainy seasons

If you are to explore Kigosi Game Reserve during rainy seasons, then definitely, you should have rainy boots, warm clothes, and rain clothes. In fact, I will show you some beautiful places you can travel to over the rainy season without any problem and you won’t get suck on the road. Almost 99% of the cars used for tourism activities in Tanzania over wet seasons are legendary Toyota Land cruiser GRJ7 series A, which are simple and easy to maintain in African bushes. This car is an everlasting vehicle with, stable wireframe, rigid axle, and powerful diesel engine with a large (2×90) liter tank. They have been used for tourism activities in Tanzania since the 1990s. You will be impressed by the way Land cruiser can achieve crossing deep water, greasy mud, and rough gravel

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