Gombe National Park : Tanzania is the best destination for tourism, as it is blessed with more attractions including seventeen big National Parks such as Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Serengeti National Park, Kilimanjaro National Park, Ruaha National Park, Tarangire National Park, Katavi National Park, as well as Gombe National Park. Apart from these parks, there are so many Game Reserves in this beautiful country. Gombe National Park it’s one of the smallest National Park that is located in the Western Kigoma region. Arriving at Gombe National Park is simple since you have so many routes to reach this destination. These include flights that are mainly from major airports in Tanzania like the Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) and Julius Nyerere International Airport. You can also reach this park by road, but in order to arrive inside the park, you might get there by boat across Lake Tanganyika that could take approximately one hour to already arrive at the park. Using private owned transport from any destination is very possible since there is a good tarmac road leading to the Kigoma town. You can hire a private boat to reach the park. Gombe National Park is sometimes called Gombe Stream National Park just because it is close to Lake Tanganyika streams.

Being close to the second deepest lake in the world, Lake Tanganyika makes Gombe National Park a most attractive place for visitors. Gombe National Park is famous for having a huge concentration of Chimpanzees. It is at this park where the famous Jane Goodall spent about ten years studying these incredible primates found within the park. About 70% of the chimpanzees in Tanzania are found in this small park. Apart from a large number of Chimpanzee and water sources Gombe National park is also famous for hosting other wild animals that relate to Chimpanzees as blue monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, colobus together with other species within like dangerous animals like leopards, big snakes, and a variety of birds that decorates the park with their different colors also naturally grown within the park as grassland flowers. The forest that surrounds the park is the natural forest that provides great air condition supplying food to the species within it like fruits, shelter to birds but also the forest is the major source of rain falling, the forest creates very beautiful and makes the area seen beautiful. Also, there are swamps, hills, valleys. Walking Safaris gives you a better learning experience about the smaller animals within the park which are hard to encounter when doing a game drive.

Visitors are mostly like to go there since the chimpanzees look like human beings with some differences as body furs intelligence lifestyle. So they are incredible and will give you a great learning experience to not just view them but to study and enjoy the tour at Gombe National park.

Gombe National Park
Chimpanzee Trekking in Gombe National Park

If you are interested in visiting this area, it is your chance to organize a trip. The best time that you will enjoy the tour is during the dry season from June to October this is simply because during wet season chimpanzees are not found simply because they just stay far from smaller trees to escape the rain and other water disasters. So at dry season chimpanzees are found on the lower level of a tree also on ground level this makes you have clear views that could allow you to even take the best memorial pictures. But also its good time as it allows you to get inside the park by walking that gives you a better experience to just learn with other small species found within the park and snakes that stay outside of their habitats during the dry season to maintain their osmoregulatory temperature since snakes are cold-blooded organism so their temperatures changes accordingly to environmental change.

If you want to visit Gombe National park within the forest it will cost you 100 dollars for foreigners check that is equivalent to 250000 TZS per day as a set fee which is most affordable to all those who prefers to get there without any exception to our differences to enjoy the tour with all of its components and varieties of attractions. But also Gombe National Parks is full of the best and quality accommodations for tourists to get rest take some foods drinks, for sleeping. There are camps, lodges, and star hotels for different levels accordingly to the desires of visitors. Within the park region you could enjoy and experience different activities that offered by the tour guides, activities found in the park, such activities that you could gain are just like;

Fishing activity; this is mostly taken as a sports activity that includes catching of fishes but also you can release them to proceed their generations within the water. For those who want to have, they could be supposed to follow roles and be permitted to take fish if they wish.

Chimpanzees’ movements; this is another activity that is always done by the chimpanzees moving here and there for their different purpose either food, shelter or just refreshing as living things. Their movements enable you to still learn and experience different views.

Culture tourism; apart from being inside the park and looking only for the species inside there you can also take time to make culture tours to observe different cultures from the surrounding communities such cultures are just like traditional songs, dances, food and how do they prepare that food, but also to observe traditional handcrafts like chairs, cap, pottery, mats, baskets and so many others that being created through local materials but very attractive.

Mountain and Hills climbing; the park is also surrounded by different mountains and hills that you may also hike to the top and experience more and more to climb at mountains but also through climbing mountains helps to get an outside view of the park together with its resources clear. Furthermore climbing hills helps to strengthen your body health and makes you physically fit and the body gains immunity to act against attacking pathogenic diseases.

Walking Safaris; another way for enjoying better is to decide to take a walking safari that you would greatly experience many things through walking safari that would never experience when using cars or to an airplane. Some of the things that you would experience are viewing some very small species that can be seen by naked eyes like insects. Also on a walking safari, you would have a chance to take pictures to keep memories.

Life of Birds; since Gombe national park is famous for a large number of different birds that on statistically counted to be 200 species of birds with different colors so you could also learn about the life of different birds, how do they survive, also look how do they decorate the park.as also birds are the source of food to other animals (primates) as well to us as humans

Gombe National Park
Birding in Gombe National Park

Therefore, Gombe National park is the home of numerous enjoyment, that would treat you greatly but according to the time you will take to spend as every day makes you to still have a desire to remain there. But also there are many opportunities that created due to the presence of this park such as tour guides employments, exchange of foreign currencies, servicers for the constructed lodges, hotels or camps. But also Gombe National park presents the country better as one of the unique attractable places when compared to others.

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