5 Days Nyerere (Selous) And Mikumi National Park Safari Package : Tanzania is a classic safari destination where millions of animals can be seen in their natural settings. The region is rich in both animals and diverse, varied civilizations, and it has something intriguing to offer to all individuals, regardless of their age or preferences. A family vacation in Tanzania on safari is a wonderful and perfect break. A trip to Tanzania is not only a doorway to a vacation, but it is also a fantastic educational experience for kids, who gain a practical understanding of the wild environment while also learning to value and appreciate it.

Experience this all-inclusive safari that visits the Mikumi and Nyerere (Selous) National Parks encounters with a game drive, a boat safari, a walking safari, and traveling through or going to nearby communities.

 The best virgin bush is found in Nyerere National Park (previously Selous Game Reserve), which is remote from developed tourist routes, unoccupied, and seldom impacted by human intervention.

 Elephants, buffalo, hippos, crocodiles, rare African wild dogs, and elephants will all be discovered in this 5 Days Nyerere (Selous) And Mikumi National Park Safari Package. Lion prides, bushbucks, impalas, warthogs, ostriches, giraffes, elands, baboons, zebras, hyenas, kudus, rare sable antelopes, and leopards are frequently sighted. More than 400 different bird species can be found there, including the Fish Eagle, Kingfisher, Secretary Bird, Sunbird, Hammerkop, Red and Yellow Billed Stork, Open Billed Stork, Weavers, Water Birds, Marabou Stork, and Vultures.

The Mkata Floodplain, known as “The Mini Serengeti” and the beloved focal point of Mikumi, is frequently compared to the more well-known Serengeti Plains because of its expansive vistas and profusion of species. Commonly seen animals are the elephant, giraffe, zebra, antelope, wildebeest, eland, crocodile, hippo, and baboon. If you are lucky, you won’t miss seeing a lion, and you are very lucky to see a leopard. Over 300 species of birds are seen, including the saddlebilt stork, hammer kop, malachite kingfisher, lilac-breasted roller, yellow-necked long claw, battler eagle, etc. Another feature is the Hippo Pools, where visitors can get up close and personal with hippos while they wallowing and snort.


  • Day 1: Dar es Salaam to Mikumi National Park
  • Day 2: Mikumi National Park to Nyerere National Park
  • Day 3: Full Day in Nyerere National Park
  • Day 4: A Full Day in Nyerere National Park
  • Day 5: Nyerere National Park to Dar es Salaam


Day 1: Dar es Salaam to Mikumi National Park

After breakfast from your hotel, proceed to the mikumi National Park with your lunch box for an evening game drive. As a component of the Selous ecosystem, the park is tucked between the Uluguru Mountain to the northeast, the Udzungwa Mountains to the east, and the Rift Valley escarpment to the west. As such, it enjoys the highest game density of the entire conservation area. On the highway connecting Dar es Salaam with Zambia, this is located 3230 kilometers to the west of the city of Dar es Salaam and 107 kilometers from the closest settlement, Morogoro.

  • Dinner and overnight at Camp Bastian

Day 2: Mikumi to Nyerere National Park

5 Days Nyerere (Selous) And Mikumi National Park Safari
Mikumi National Park Animals

Drive to Nyerere National Park after breakfast; it is Africa’s largest park and four times the area of the Serengeti. Hot volcanic springs, intermittent lakes, and channels from the Great Ruaha and Rufiji rivers make up its varied topography.

 Africa’s largest conservation area, Nyerere National Park, is home to a variety of wildlife habitats, including lakes, open grasslands, acacia and miombo woodlands, and riverine forests. The Rufiji River and its tributaries cut through the park’s varied landscape, which includes grassland plains, rocky outcrops, and rolling savannah woodland. The Kilombero and Luwegu, which combined make up East Africa’s largest catchment area and flow from north to south, provide the Selous wildlife reserve with its lifeblood.

  • Dinner and overnight at Jimbiza Camp

Day 3: Full Day Nyerere National Park

Another full day of wildlife drives in the park begins with breakfast at the camp. The United Nations designated Nyerere National Park as a “World Heritage Site” in 1981 because it is the largest protected wildlife area in Africa and because of its special ecological significance. The 54,600-square-kilometer Nyerere National Park is larger than Switzerland or Denmark. Tanzania’s largest and most significant populations of elephants, buffalo, and wild dogs can be found in the park. There are around 60,000 Tanzanian elephants there, along with a sizable population of hippos; other species that are frequently spotted include lions, bushbuck, impala, giraffe, eland, baboons, zebras, greater kudu, etc. At the water’s edge of Lake Tagalala, which is connected to the Rufiji River, waterbuck and reedbuck congregate. More than 420 indigenous species have been reported in Nyerere Park, which is a popular location for birdwatchers. In the evening, drive back to the camp for the night.

  • Meals and Overnight at Jimbiza Camp

Day 4: Full Day Nyerere National Park

Wake up extremely early, then travel to Mtemere Gate after a cup of tea or coffee. It takes two to three hours to walk through the park with an armed ranger at your side; after you reach your pick-up location, you will be taken back to the lodge for breakfast. Short game drives can then be continued till lunch, which is served at the lodge.

Another alternative for watching wildlife on the Rufiji River in the late afternoon is a boat safari, which gives a distinctive experience as Nyerere is the only park in Tanzania and East Africa that offers this choice. One of the most spectacular rivers in Tanzania’s game parks and national parks is the navigable Rufiji River, which is open all year. One of the things that makes Nyerere National Park such a terrific site to visit is the opportunity to get out of the car and watch games from a boat.

  • Dinner and overnight at Jimbiza Camp

Day 5: Nyerere National Park to Dar es Salaam

After breakfast, get your lunch and head to Dar es Salaam, where you’ll be dropped off at the airport so you may catch your next flight or stay at the hotel of your choosing.



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  • Accommodation as specified in the itinerary
  • Use of our 4×4 safari vehicle during the safari
  • Our English-speaking driver guide
  • Full-board accommodation on Safari
  • One bottle of mineral water per person per day
  • All activities included in an itinerary


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