Nairobi National Park Kenya is “The World’s only Wildlife capital”, located just a short drive out of the Nairobi Central Business district. Nairobi National Park has wide open grass plains with a beautiful backdrop of the Nairobi city skyscrapers, along with scattered acacia bush, inhabiting a variety of animals. Nairobi National Park hosts the endangered black rhinos, lions, leopards, among so many other animals as well as over 400 bird species. Travelers who visit Nairobi National Park can enjoy so many attractions and activities in Nairobi National Park.

Nairobi National Park covers a total size area of 117 square kilometers, inhabiting a variety of wildlife species as well as an array of fauna. Established in 1946, Nairobi national Park is one of the best Kenya national park to visit for short Kenya safaris to see wildlife. Nairobi National park is fenced in only three sides, with the other left open to allow migrating wildlife to move in and out of the park to the Kitengela Plains.

Nairobi National Park is a great and successful rhino sanctuary that has over the years protected and supported the rhino species before they are relocated to the parks in the wild. With the sanctuary, travelers can be guaranteed of seeing black rhinos in Nairobi National Park while on a Kenya safari.

Nairobi National Park Attractions

There are a number of attractions in Nairobi National Park that travelers can enjoy while on a Kenya safari. Attractions in Nairobi National Park include;


There are a variety of Nairobi National Park animals that you can see while on a safari in Nairobi National Park. Some of the Nairobi National Park animals include Cape Buffalos, Baboon, black rhinos, gazelles, zebras, cheetahs, hippos, elands, giraffes, waterbucks, among so many others.

Nairobi National Park
Nairobi national park Animals


Nairobi National Park birds are one of the top attractions in Nairobi National Park that many travelers come to see. There are over 400 birds in Nairobi National Park, including Common Moorhen, Long-tailed Fiscal, Secretary Bird, Martial Eagle, Pallid Harrier, Black-headed Heron, Blacksmith Lapwing, among so many others.

Nairobi Animal Orphanage

The Nairobi Animal Orphanage is a treatment and rehabilitation centre for wild animals like lions, cheetahs, jackals, serval Cats, Leopards, monkeys, buffalos, warthogs, among others; as well as birds like the Guinea Fowl, Crown Crane, Parrot, Ostrich, among others.

David and Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage

The David and Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage is a rescue centre for elephants as well as other wildlife species like rhinos. Elephants are taken care of and rehabilitated, before being taken to Tsavo National Park back to the wild.

Nairobi National Park Activities

Game Drives: game drives are the most done Nairobi National Park activities by travelers who visit the park. Game drives can be done throughout the day, with early morning and late afternoon game drives in Nairobi National Park being the best to do as they reward travellers with easy animal viewing.

Walking Safaris: walking safaris in Nairobi National Park or boardwalk in the park is a great way to explore the little hidden attractions of Nairobi National Park. Come up close with the animals, whilst being guided by rangers and guides.

Birding: Nairobi National Park is a birding destination, usually the first place that birders on kenya birding safaris usually start from. With a birding guide and a good pair of binoculars, you can see a good variety of birds in Nairobi National Park.

Nairobi National Park
Birding in Nairobi park

Nairobi National Park Fees 2022

Nairobi National Park fees 2022 are the fees that travelers intending to visit the park ought to pay. The Nairobi National Park fees 2022 are levied by the Kenya Wildlife Services, and are valid from July 2022 to December 2023. Nairobi National Park fees 2022 are 60USD for adult foreign non-residents while children of foreign non-resident status pay 20USD, per person per day. Adult East African citizens and Kenyan residents pay 500Kshs, while children pay 215Kshs, per person per day.

Best time to visit Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park can be visited all throughout the year. The best time to visit Nairobi National Park however is during the dry season when the grass is shorter and thus easy to see animals.

How to get to Nairobi National Park

By road, you can get to Nairobi National Park by driving 10km south of Nairobi City Centre. If coming from other destinations, you can fly into Kilimanjaro International Airport or Wilson Airport and then drive to the park.

Nairobi National Park Accommodation

Accommodation in and around Nairobi National Park include Ololo Safari Lodge, Nairobi Tented Camp, Tawala Homes, Royal Tulip Canaan Nairobi, among so many others. The Nairobi National park accommodation range from luxury, mid-range to budget options thus catering for all kinds of travelers.

Nairobi National Park
Nairobi Tented Camp

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